Squirrels are adorable little creatures, chunky and fuzzy with their bushy tails and little twitching noses as they nibble acorns and other goodies. The fact is though, those adorable little red-brown or gray creatures have the potential to cause untold amounts of damage. Not only do they have the potential to cause expensive damage to the trees in which they live, but also to your garden and even your house.

Unchecked squirrels burrowing through an attic can even cause fires, because they have a tendency to chew through electrical wires. As such, if you or someone you know is currently experiencing any form of invasions, contact wildlife removal Atlanta GA for professional assistance with getting rid of the animal without causing hard to yourself or the animals.

squirrel removal services

These little critters like to burrow when it’s cold, and any warm place will do nicely. If they can’t find real estate in a tree, that means your house is up for grabs. Squirrels don’t need large openings to fit through either. If they can get their head into an opening, they can find a way to get the rest of themselves in. Once inside your attic or walls, they build their nest and the family moves in. Squirrels, like mice, are notorious for chewing on wires, and this has the potential to do some serious damage. You could end up having to rewire your house; and there is a very real possibility that a hot electrical wire chewed bare will start a fire.

Squirrels also damage trees by burrowing into them to make their nests. Additionally many of them feed on the young buds of flowering trees which can make a tree look threadbare and unattractive. If you’ve spent money on beautiful landscaping, you certainly don’t want a family of squirrels undoing all of your expensive hard work.


If you have a garden of any kind, floral or vegetable, it’s fair game for these adorable creatures. While squirrels do not like the taste of a daffodil bulb, they won’t hesitate to dig up your newly-planted tulips, hyacinths, or crocuses. To deter them, you can lay mesh over the ground in the garden. However a more permanent fix is to remove the pest and be done with it. Wooden decks, porches, and lawn furniture is also a favorite chew toy for the tree squirrel.

It doesn’t have to be a war though. There are many varied and perfectly humane squirrel removal methods which are not harmful to the squirrel itself. The key to finding a truly humane method to critter removal is one that is safe for all of the other wildlife that may wander into your yard such as birds and butterflies.